Remote areas

  • Scientific research
  • Mining and forestry
  • Construction

Scientific research

The “encapsulated” design of MTTs allows them to operate in the Arctic cold, extreme heat or wet environments. It moves easily over sand, gravel, dirt, snow and can even cross waterways. As a mobile, silent and odorless green electric power supply, MTTs are a must for the use of specialized tools, devices and instruments in difficult conditions.


The combination of physical strength and access to electricity makes MTTs a unique technology that can be configured in various ways, depending on your needs. Being able to use tools that operate at different voltages is also a huge advantage, especially in remote locations.

Mining and forestry

MTTs are powerful, light, non-polluting and enter tight spaces with minimal damage to the ground. On sites where combustion engine vehicles are not allowed, they can safely take over by transporting the necessary equipment, teams of operators, goods or minerals. They are suitable for emergency interventions in dark and cramped environments.