Land and Trails

  • Agriculture and agri-food
  • Tourism and outfitter
  • Mountain bike and fatbike

Agriculture and agri-food

MTTs adapt perfectly to the space between rows to transport and refrigerate harvest products (fruits, vegetables, nuts, maple syrup, etc.) without sinking or damaging any type of soil, even loose soil. It is also easy to move sick or newborn animals without noise or smell, outside or inside farm buildings.

Mountain bike and fatbike

MTTs give you the opportunity to develop, build, and mark out territories, and easily maintain surrounding and specialized trails. It can clear mountain bike or fatbike trails with ease.

Tourism and outfitter

Access to all your facilities is simplified by using MTTs, which enable you to travel on any terrain (waterways, mud, undergrowth), without polluting the environment. It offers an unforgettable experience for your customers: a pleasant drive, with no noise or smell, which brings them close to nature to find unique places (mountains, inns, sites with exceptional views and breathtaking landscapes). Up to ten people can be transported easily and safely.