Forest activities

  • Cottage, house and exploring
  • Hunting and fishing
  • Reduced mobility

Cottage, house and exploring

MTTs give you the opportunity to explore uncharted trails and beautiful landscapes while on a family, friends or solo trip. They can also be used for heavier-duty work, such as transporting materials (firewood, gravel or sand), removing trees from the forest, or towing vehicles, especially over rough terrain.

Reduced mobility

Safe access to beaches, hiking and forest trails. Drive in off trails, climb and descend difficult obstacles. Thanks to its innovative technology, the vehicle does not get stuck. MTTs also allow for the use of medical devices in the event of a breakdown or while traveling.

Hunting and fishing

MTTs can drive on all types of terrain (ice, snow, sand, gravel, asphalt, mud, riverbed, undergrowth) all year long. It’s easy to access your cabin, bivouac or hunting camp, regardless of its location, and even to move the ice fishing cabin in complete safety. Electricity becomes accessible wherever you go, without the risk of scaring away game, since MTTs do not make any noise or discharge any smell with its green technology.