MTTs are an ideal green vehicle for going for a drive in the wilderness, transporting
materials and supplying power in remote areas.

Huge mobile power supply

As a self-sufficient source of green energy, MTTs make electricity available where you need it, with the option to move the supply easily, especially to areas that are typically inaccessible.

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Quiet movement

MTTs are powerful, light, odourless, non-polluting and silent. They are suitable for drives in the forest as well as for emergency interventions in dark and cramped environments.

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Forest activities

  • Cottage, house and exploring
  • Hunting and fishing
  • Reduced mobility

Remote areas

  • Scientific research
  • Mining and forestry
  • Construction

Emergency situations

  • International cooperation
  • Public safety
  • Search & Rescue

Land and Trails

  • Agriculture and agri-food
  • Mountain bike and fatbike
  • Tourism and outfitter

Military and industrial

  • Exploration and transport robot
  • Dangerous tasks
  • Special projects

Carrying, pushing or pulling

Transporting materials such as firewood, gravel or sand is a critical asset, especially on rough terrain. MTTs allow you to do heavy-duty work effortlessly.

All-terrain and all-season vehicle

MTTs can be driven on all types of terrain (ice, snow, sand, mud, river, undergrowth) all year round and allow you to explore off-trail and hard-to-reach areas.

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